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  • When will the Documentary be completed?
    I began filming in 2019 and was planning to finish by the end of 2021, but several factors hindered the production of this documentary. 1). Covid greatly hindered travel and made it difficult to film internationally. 2). My budget is small and I do not have a distributer or large donors or ministries funding this film, therefore I had to move at the pace my budget could afford. With that said, I have made much progress since 2019 and I plan to complete filming by the end of 2023. I would like to include three additional international trips before the close of this year. If I cannot make those trips by the end of January I complete filming anyway and begin the editing process, which should take approximately 2-3 months. So my estimated release date is end of first quarter in 2024. There's a possibility it could be sooner, but that all depends on whether or not I can get funding for the last three remaining trips within the next few months.
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